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Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game

Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game
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Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game - a game designed for those who want to get a pet, that's just for one reason or another, can not afford this in the real world. It is perfect for almost any age, although we must admit that children should like something like this much more, Because it is useful not only for entertainment, but also can teach something useful.

The Story

Like most of the simulators devoted to raising Pets, you will not see any special plot here, just there is a pet that needs a family, you have to take it, and then surround it with care and provide everything necessary.


The game is extremely realistic, so you will have to spend a lot to fulfill all the needs of the pet, because it needs to be regularly fed, bathed and most importantly entertained. At the start, you will get a small animal, your key goal is to grow it into an adult animal. In addition to the daily needs of the animal, you can deal with its appearance, you will find a huge set of clothes that you can put on your animal, picking up his unique style. Already thanks to which it will stand out favorably against the background of the surrounding world. Already for the sake of such opportunities Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game, it is quite possible. Also, unlike many other simulators, the world in which your rabbit will live is quite large and is not limited to her home. The pet will live in a fairly large city that you can explore and enjoy its possibilities. When you get tired of messing with your pet, sitting in his house, you can just go to study the world around you. Explore the world around you, you can create a great collection of photos, capturing your favorite moments or beautiful places.

Features Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game

The game can please you with a really great picture, it is extremely detailed, so it should not disappoint you with its appearance. The characters look a bit anime, and yet very pretty. The game is also able to please the sound, all the sounds that make the surrounding characters, turned out to be quite cheerful. In addition to the main game, there is a huge number of mini-games that are useful not only for entertainment, but also for earning virtual money. For the female audience, there are beauty salons where you can change the appearance of your pet, literally beyond recognition. Special entertainment can include all kinds of events that will take place regularly in the city.
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