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Geometry Dash
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Geometry Dash – a game in which you will have to go on a long journey with a slightly unusual character, because the main character here is a cube. This immediately refers to the game as unique, because you will agree to find something similar in other games, most likely, just do not work.

The story

Like most arcade games made in the retro style, there is simply no really clear plot, your goal is just to move forward, crossing all sorts of obstacles. However, here you need to add that the text insert that contains the rudiments of the plot you will get at the beginning of the game. But if you consider that the localizers have not yet reached the game, then without knowledge of English, you can not even read it. However, as mentioned above, this does not prevent you from enjoying the passage.


In the game you will find a huge variety of bonuses that you will receive for completing levels, but this is not all, you can also flexibly customize the appearance of your character, usually regarding the color. And there is also a level editor, you can always create something new, and then share it with your friends, agree already exclusively for the sake of this Geometry Dash is quite possible. If you want, you can create incredibly tricky levels that will be almost impassable, so that even an adult can get stuck on such a level for a long time. And if you want, you can create a bright and colorful level for the child, in which he can move without problems, without experiencing at the same time some really significant difficulties in the process.

Geometry Dash Features

The world may have been depicted quite simply, but it is frankly cute, each level differs in something unusual, against the background of all the others, as the soundtrack changes from level to level, and the melodies here are usually extremely cheerful. Management turned out to be extremely thoughtful and practical, in General, it is clear that the creators have worked well. As mentioned above, the game was not Russified, but at the same time the interface is intuitive, so you can deal with it even without knowledge of English. Here, even a child will not have to experience any serious problems. Please and difficulty levels, or rather modes. In simple mode, saving works, including automatic so that you can always continue playing from where you left off. At that time, in difficult mode, there is no possibility to save, so in case of your loss, you will have to start passing the level from the beginning, if you consider that there are a lot of traps scattered around the games, this can delay for a very long time.
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