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Terraria - a popular game that can be confidently attributed to the sandbox genre, it appeared on the computer, but then quite successfully moved to mobile devices. Where you can observe it at the moment. On junk, a player who starts playing something like this finds himself in a randomly created world in which he is waiting for a huge set of adventures. Just need to add that each time the world will turn out unique and unlike previous versions, so that each time you will find a new bright adventure, remember the complexity of each world, and then pass, relying on them just do not work. The player will have to collect resources around the world, they can be spent on the development of your character. There are also many mini-games that can serve as additional entertainment. As you progress, the player can find a lot of different weapons, and then use them to fight with bosses. Your key task is just to survive in this dangerous world. To survive, you can build your own fortified house in order to effectively repel enemy attacks.

The story

Terraria you will see that there is simply no special story, the game consists of a set of adventures that need to be recognized in some additional support and do not need.


In the game, any player will have a unique opportunity to create their own large-scale and original world, besides, every time you are waiting for something new, you can play for a very long time and automatically generated maps will not have time to get bored. After all, every time you see something non-standard. The leveling system is also frankly interesting, it is diverse, so if you want, you can create the most unusual characters. Just developing them in a different direction.

Features of the game Terraria

First of all, among the features, it is necessary to include a huge diverse world, something like this always pleases, a huge number of useful items that are scattered in the game will help you pass it much faster, if you search well, then you will definitely be able to find an item for almost any situation. The graphics here are really relatively simple, but this does not prevent you from getting pleasure from passing. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the passage not only alone, but also with your friends, because the multiplayer mode is also present here. Up to four users can play here at the same time, but this, unfortunately, and all the maximum here, unfortunately, is also observed. So if you want to play with large companies, you will not be able to do this, unfortunately. The gameplay is difficult, because the world is really dangerous, so do not wait for easy passage. On the contrary, in order to complete the game, you will have to give everything literally to the full.
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