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Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode One
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Half-Life 2: Episode One - a popular computer shooter, which at one time won a myriad of fans, got a mobile version, which you can watch here in front of you. Just need to honestly warn that when transferring to a mobile device, the game has retained most of its main advantages, but not all, some elements were not transferred to the phone in full. In addition, this is the second part of the game, but do not despair, if you did not play the first, the plot will be quite clear.

However, the graphic component is not inferior to what you could see on the computer, the sound, for that matter, is also more than cheerful and match the picture. The sounds of gunshots, and all sorts of screams that sometimes make your opponents, can cause a chill.

You will be able to enjoy a really detailed story component, the story is really interesting, and will surprise you repeatedly, in this regard Episode One, will not yield to some good movie. It is more than pleasant to watch the adventures of the main character and the surrounding characters. Pleases and a huge number of various weapons, and most importantly, a protective suit that you will use for survival, all this can be clearly attributed to the most significant advantages of the game.

It is worth noting that the game is really rich in locations, there are very many of them, and the most diverse, there are both ruins and quite modern cities, there are a variety of wastelands, or even dungeons, and around you can travel for fun, considering the world around you, and destroying the enemy. It is understood that your main task will be to save the world, but how to do it, you will learn far from immediately, only the performance of numerous second-rate tasks will help you gradually get closer to such a goal and then complete it, the ending here is just incredibly bright.

Game Features:

  • A large selection of opponents, there are both people with a variety of firearms, and alien monsters that attack in close combat;
  • A lot of the most diverse weapons, there are both a variety of terrestrial, and something that was created clearly by aliens;
  • Excellent graphic component, the picture is worked out in detail, and will be able to please you, just by its appearance;
  • Well-developed music, in terms of sound, the game clearly deserves the title of a masterpiece, something like that, you will not hear from competitors, everything is extremely cheerful and extremely aggressive.
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