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    Android 3.2
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FL Studio Mobile - is one of the best utilities for Android operating systems, designed for creating and editing music tracks. The world wide web also has a similar music editor called Music Maker JAM, which also provides a huge number of various functions for creating tracks directly from your smartphone.
However, each of the above applications has its pros and cons, so they are chosen at your discretion. Using FL Studio Mobile, users can easily create and save files on their portable Android devices, as well as make multi-channel music.

With this software, you can create an ordinary simple melody or record a stunning super hit. The unique program provides users with an excellent opportunity to create stunning compositions even outside of their home: on a long trip, at a resort, while waiting, at school, in whatever part of the world they are not, the main thing is to have a portable Android device and the desire to create musical miracles.

Using an incredibly expanded library of special sound effects with all sorts of different styles, users will create truly beautiful musical masterpieces.
During the construction of musical compositions, users can simultaneously apply an unlimited number of tracks and each of the proposed tracks will play the selected notes, as well as selected instruments.

Before you start editing music, you can individually select a sound from a huge list. here you can see exciting hip-hop, rock, trance, pop, Blues, disco, acoustics, drums, keys, and many other fantastic effects.

Each of the existing sounds can be customized and you can choose which of the speakers will correspond to the loss of this melody. FL Studio mobile contains a convenient adjustment of sounds, creating loops, applying various filters or a unique effect of special melodies, and so on.
The utility includes good support for screens of all sorts of different formats and a wide range of functionality for downloading and installing data. This amazing app is considered one of the most high-quality, feature-rich and compact music studios for Android OS. Music tracks written in a compact variation of the program can be edited and brought to mind on a personal computer without any difficulties.

After you install "FL Studio Mobile" on your modern devices, the ideas that appeared in your head will not be able to disappear and suffer waiting for the most convenient moment to change and save them. You just need to get your phone out of your pocket and give your own brilliant ideas a completely new life.
Designing cool music with this unsurpassed program has become much easier and immediately there was a great hobby. The app includes more than a hundred unique musical instruments, cutting music and a lot of other interesting features that are sure to interest music lovers.
Use existing effects: Delay, Reverb, Amplifier, all this can give your musical masterpiece even more charm. You can save your own compositions in the most popular formats. don't forget to share your creations with your friends and possibly other Internet users.

The simple and pleasant interface of the software contains a considerable package of various options that even beginners will be able to work with, everything will be clear in detail. High-level detail and excellent performance of the utility will delight users throughout the days of creating music.

Features of FL Studio Mobile:
  • The function configuration of the piano keyboard;
  • Quality sound;
  • Normal operation with any screen resolution;
  • Does not severely drain the gadget's battery;
  • Ability to adjust the volume and sound effects.
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