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Minecraft - Appeared on computers, it instantly gained universal popularity, so it was only a matter of time when the game will move to mobile platforms, and this time has come. Here before you is its mobile version, which should not leave you indifferent. The gameplay remains the same as before, at the start you will get numerous blocks that can then be used to build anything, combining blocks, you can create as unique tools.

The story

Minecraft you will not find a special story here, you can say for sure that it is not there. But you don't need it, you just get complete freedom, and then you can create just about anything without limiting yourself to anything.


In terms of available opportunities, everything is very good here, the world turned out to be incredibly large and completely open, if you want, you can go on a trip to explore the most distant corners of it. You can also create literally anything from small buildings to Grand castles, or even change the landscape itself, making global changes, creating reservoirs and raising mountains to the sky. If you want, you can play not only alone, but also with friends, but in any case it will be interesting to play. The world is drawn rather poorly, in the pixel style and reminiscent of the first three-dimensional game 90s, but in this case, to say that it sucks, is not for this game, the graphics are suitable, if not ideal, so very well, one can surely say that here she is at his place.

Minecraft game Features

The game is striking in the first place is its large open world, before its appearance, nothing even close to similar was not. Probably, first of all, people loved this game because of the freedom granted to it, because only here you can enjoy freedom to the fullest. However, this can be considered, probably, a disadvantage of the game because you yourself have to come up with entertainment for yourself here. Download the latest version of the game from this link.
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  1. Faizan
    Faizan 28 September 2021 23:08
    Hello this is not working
  2. Sahil
    Sahil 9 September 2021 12:35
  3. awetx
    awetx 11 April 2021 17:42
    great like it
  4. Gggij
    Gggij 5 April 2021 13:39
    Good i like it
  5. Lucas Valerius
    Lucas Valerius 14 March 2021 20:02
    Download complete
  6. Lucas Valerius
    Lucas Valerius 14 March 2021 20:01
    Hmmm minecraft real download yaaaay
  7. Cameron
    Cameron 3 December 2020 14:56
    None of your business
  8. telmen
    telmen 1 November 2020 10:29
  9. nsnsn
    nsnsn 23 October 2020 11:31
    Its beta and I hate it
    1. free op
      free op 3 May 2021 07:51
      nsnsn you are a loser
  10. Sthefanie
    Sthefanie 13 October 2020 06:27
    Adoro esse jogo (:8
  11. Sthefanie
    Sthefanie 13 October 2020 06:26
    Esse do melhor jogo do mundo
  12. Sthefanie
    Sthefanie 13 October 2020 06:26
    Meu sonho é jogar amo esse jogo
  13. Sthefanie
    Sthefanie 13 October 2020 06:25
    Quero muito jogar é meu sonho
  14. Sthefanie
    Sthefanie 13 October 2020 06:24
    Quero muito o joga
  15. azyz
    azyz 29 June 2020 02:58
    احب الإصدار 1.16.0
  16. Ronron Bulaon
    Ronron Bulaon 12 June 2020 19:27
    Wow Pretty amezing
  17. Dfhhvc
    Dfhhvc 19 May 2020 16:21
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    Raishelo roosje 7 May 2020 06:38
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