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Goat Simulator
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Goat Simulator – the one and only goat simulator, here you have to play for it's ugly horned creature, though the game is done crazy and not have any special restrictions, but your main occupation will be to make a lot of trouble surrounding residents, try to post anything it can reach.

The Story

In terms of the plot, the game can not boast of something special, you can even say that it is not here. Just at the start you get a goat, and then have to come up with a variety of entertainment. After all, there are not even any tasks here, and only you can decide what you want to do, break into the homes of people around you, create chaos and Bedlam there, arrange accidents on the roads, and if you try hard, you can even climb on a plane flying over the city. But that's all, in fact, the set of entertainment that you can come up with is quite limited. So in just a couple of hours of playing them, you can try everything. And the locations are quite small, so you can explore them in a short period of time.

There are no restrictions in the game, the whole world is in front of you and what you need to do here is up to you. The physics turned out to be somewhat unrealistic, but thanks to it you will be able to cross difficult obstacles, for example, fences or stand on a flying plane. You can also catch a long sticky tongue of the animal for a passing car, and then drag yourself along for a long time, to try this is Goat Simulator. In terms of management, everything turned out to be extremely simple, the interface is quite limited depending on the buttons being pressed in certain situations and the reaction may be different, but we can not say that there is a situation as if the game itself is playing, nothing like this is close, you completely retain control of the situation. The creators managed to hold the balance perfectly, when simplicity not only does not irritate, but even consistently pleases.


The game turned out to be well-developed in terms of appearance, and the world around and the main animal causes an exceptionally strong delight, especially you need to pay attention to the goat itself, its bearded and impudent face at the same time causes extremely strong feelings. The main advantages of the game include beautiful colorful explosions that are observed during especially large accidents, for example at gas stations, will blaze, so that it will be visible from anywhere in the city. Just let the city turned out to be quite small there are a lot of interesting places, and the creators are gradually expanding the world, trying to diversify it with new locations.
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