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Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world

Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world
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Avataria - This is a really interesting simulator of the real world, the game turned out to be really big and open, so you can explore it for fun for a very long time, because there are so many advantages here. Here it is done quietly, you can make friends, do things that you could never do in normal life. Initially, the game appeared in social networks, but quickly due to its high popularity, it was adapted for mobile devices, which also achieved considerable popularity.

The Story

Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world you will not see any special plot, but in such games it is not necessary, you just get your character at the start, and then do what you always wanted to do in the real world, but did not have such opportunities.


When you start playing, you will get quite extensive options for customizing your character, starting from the color of his eyes and ending with the appearance, all this is very widely configured. With some desire, and an excess of free time, you can even make the character look like himself. You can also arrange your own home, where everything will be perfectly tailored to your taste. In addition to the main game, you can see a huge number of additional mini-games that will brighten up the passage and add additional appeal to the game. You can also make a lot of friends if you want, and have fun with them as you like.

Avataria game Features

The game pleases, first of all, its infinity you will have an incredibly many opportunities, as in the real world, however, so you can do almost anything you want. In fact, you will be limited only by your imagination, and so do only what you want, come up with the most incredible entertainment. Whether you want to engage in the personal life of your character, equip his house, or even work here, everything will be available to you in full measure. Thanks to mini-games, you can win a variety of things, they will also be useful to you, first of all, they can emphasize your status and show what you were able to achieve in the game. For fanatical gamers, this will be worth a lot. Players from almost all over the world play here, but there are a lot of Russian-speaking users, so you will definitely find friends with whom you can chat. But at the same time, if you want to train in the possession of some Western language, you will also have no problems finding friends from among the residents of Europe is also quite possible. Also, if you want, you can invite friends to the game who do not play it.
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