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Home Street - a life simulator in which anyone can make a lot of things that were simply not available before. Create your own unique character that can be both extremely similar to you, and look exactly the way you would like, but can't for one reason or another. The character editor doesn't know any restrictions.

The Story

There is no special plot here, you just get a character under your control without any explicit background, and then arrange for him to live exactly the kind of life you want. you will not find any significant restrictions in the game full freedom of will. As you progress through the game, you will get access to the stories of some characters, but it is difficult to call a full-fledged story, something like this.


In the game you will find a really big and completely open world, creating a character to your liking, you will not be limited by this, then you can create a unique and unusual house for your character, equip it exclusively to your liking. You need a house for many purposes, for example, if you make friends, you will need a place to invite them, and this place will be primarily your home. Also, the game can please a large set of languages, among which the main European languages are present, so you will almost certainly be able to find something for yourself. You can easily brag about your achievements in front of your friends from social networks, as well as you can easily invite your friends from the real world to join you in the game, agree for the sake of such opportunities Home Street, you just need to be sure. Socialization of the game is amazing, everything is extremely thought out, and does not cause any strong complaints.

home Street Features

The game boasts frankly good-quality graphics, the characters turned out to be a little too icy, but cute. Easy details that you can decorate the house, or just somehow use a huge set, here you will also not be able to see any serious shortcomings. In addition, the real life here is recreated very well, you even have to start working, so that then there was something to buy everything necessary for life. In addition, you can not just work, but create your own business that will bring you incredible income. Also in the game you will find a lot of interesting gifts and even bonuses, some of them are useful for home improvement, while the other part may be useful for more complex goals that will stand in full measure in front of you during the passage.
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