Survivalcraft 2

Survivalcraft 2
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Survivalcraft 2 - survival simulator, made in the cubic style. It will be difficult to call the game really good in terms of graphics, but it can please you with its game features.

The Story

There is simply no special story here, you will find yourself in the wild, where you will have to take care of your own survival. The world is large and open, here you will find a lot of resources that will be useful to you for survival. But at the same time, and the enemies that roam the neighborhood, really a lot.


In the game you will be able to build a variety of tools, weapons and structures. First of all, take care of the construction of a safe shelter, because it is cold at night, so that the character can simply die, as well as it is useful in case of an attack by predators. Also in the game you can tame a variety of animals, and then use them for their own benefit. Moreover, as you play, you will be able to create complex structures and machines. The game can be played either alone or with friends, although it is offered to play on the same device, which will be somewhat unusual, however, you can get used to this. There are quite extensive settings that you can even use to change the appearance of the world around you, mostly this is true for the color. Pleases excellent realism, in the game you can catch viral diseases, or poison yourself, if this happens, you will have to, then a long time to be treated for such a disease. Agree all of the above is enough to Survivalcraft 2. The game is ideal primarily for those who love crafting, there are a lot of opportunities to create new things, so you can experiment as much as you like, creating simple tools at first, and then only complex mechanisms. Also, there is an opportunity to grow all kinds of crops and trees, all this you also have to come in handy in the future, thanks to all kinds of plants, you can provide your character with food.

Survivalcraft 2 Features

The game does not have a Russian-language localization, we must admit that it was not particularly necessary here, but still, at times, this is quite a hindrance. Also, for the full operation of the application, you need a fairly fast mobile Internet. Due to the relatively weak graphics, the game turned out to be relatively easy, so it should go on almost any device, except for the very old ones, the latter may have some technical problems.
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