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Minesweeper: Collector - Online mode is here!

Minesweeper: Collector - Online mode is here!
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Probably everyone knows the game minesweeper, even if they did not play it, but they saw it among the standard games on their computer. Well, played it in any case, many of the same office workers, this is one of the favorite games, in order to pass the time on the robot. However, the standard game, of course, has long been tired of many, if so, then you are lucky, with this mobile game, you can effectively pass the time and have fun at the same time. The game can please first of all much more effective graphics and interesting gameplay, as well as quite interesting sound effects. However, in terms of music, the game turned out to be somewhat poor, so that the game can not boast of anything special. It is also worth noting that the game turned out to be absolutely unpretentious, so it will have to go on most smartphones, even the oldest ones. In addition, there is a Russian-language localization that will make it easier for you to pass. You also need to immediately warn that for the game you will need mobile Internet, without which you simply can not play.

Multi-Functional and interesting game

starting to play, You will get the opportunity to choose the level of difficulty, there is a very simple level designed for beginners, and something more complex that will make even an experienced player spend a lot of time on the passage. Minesweeper: Collector - Online mode is here!, you can already only for the sake of such opportunities, no one can leave here disappointed with what they saw. But this is not the end of all the advantages, in the game you can do a lot of interesting things, for example, to fight through multiplayer mode with real players. Agree, on a computer, you could only dream of something like this.

A Solid set of levels

As well as the obvious advantages of the game, you can immediately refer to a really large set of various levels, so that the passage will be able to delay you for a very long time. Moreover, unlike the computer version, here all the levels turned out to be completely different from one another, so you should get bored very soon. It is worth mentioning, of course, and very convenient management, with which you can pass the game without any significant problems, using just one finger to pass. In addition, during the passage, you will be able to earn domestic currency, which you then need to come in handy. For example, you can spend it on bonuses that will help you find hidden mines, such bonuses will be useful for you at more difficult levels.
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