Reckless Racing 2

Reckless Racing 2
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    Android 1.5
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Reckless Racing 2 – the brightest racing simulator, even if there are a lot of games of this type, but even against the background of competitors, it is frankly, to be embarrassed, at least not bad. Just need to warn that this is the second game in the series, but at the same time, if you did not play the first, it's okay, you can easily understand the features of the gameplay here, without experiencing any problems.

First of all, we are pleased with the graphics, which turned out to be just at the height, the picture is really very successful and well-designed, it is a pleasure to look at it. Yes, it is cartoon, but the lack of realism, perfect will not interfere with you, to enjoy the process of passing. Pleasing and sounds that turned out to be more than cheerful, the soundtrack, as you can see very quickly, turned into a theme, to what is happening on the screen.

In the game you can find a huge selection of available cars, among which there is almost anything. And what is not less important to note, there are really good tracks that will also have to add to the game, only a solid share of attractiveness. In addition, Reckless Racing 2 boasts a selection of good game modes, which also can not make you get bored. It is especially worth noting that there is an online mode that will allow you to fully play with your friends, which you should understand is especially nice. After all, live opponents will almost always be more difficult and interesting than artificial intelligence, and it is much more pleasant to resist them.

We are also pleased with the excellent optimization, which will make the game stand out very favorably against the background of numerous analogues, you can easily run it on most modern devices, where it will then go fully, without causing you any problems. And in General, the app is extremely stable, which means only one thing, here you will not see any bugs or glitches, so nothing will prevent you from enjoying the game.

Game Features:

  • Bright graphics, in this regard, the game can look profitable even against the background of computer analogues, which you can easily see for yourself;
  • Interesting gameplay, the complexity is high, so you have to put a lot of effort in order not to lose;
  • Strong artificial intelligence, your opponents are extremely competent, it will be extremely difficult to defeat them;
  • User-friendly controls, everything was perfectly adapted for the touch screen, so you will not experience literally any problems during the passage, for you the game will be extremely convenient.
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