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NHL 2K – a great game that will give you a unique opportunity to play hockey, if you really consider yourself a fan of this somewhat harsh, but certainly interesting sport, you can not even doubt that the game will not disappoint you.

First of all, it is worth noting that there are several interesting game modes, each of which is very successful, for example, it is possible to develop only one player, you take control of the selected hockey player, and then move him up the career ladder until he becomes the best player. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take control of an entire team, and then develop it.

In terms of the graphic component, NHL 2K worked very well, the picture here is just great, very bright and pleasant, so it can only cause positive feelings. The sound is not inferior to the picture, it is very cheerful, pleasant and always in the subject, in addition, we must not forget about realism, during the game, there is always a feeling that you are on a real match. We are also pleased with the very convenient control, which was ideally optimized for the touch screen, everything is also extremely practical, and you can easily manage everything that happens on the screen. In addition to the extremely practical touch control, there is also a joystick, which will also greatly facilitate your life.

At the same time, we must warn you that the game unfortunately turned out to be somewhat demanding for your device, and as you can quickly see for yourself, it will unfortunately not go everywhere. But the game can boast a really high level of optimization, so if you manage to install and run it, then you can already play completely calmly, without experiencing any more problems.

Game Features:

  • Good artificial intelligence, no matter what game mode you play, the opponents will give you a brutal rebuff, and cause a lot of problems with their actions;
  • The graphics and sound are high, they completely recreate the illusion that you are watching a real hockey match, you can believe it, just for the sake of such feelings, it is worth playing something like this;
  • Management is extremely convenient, the developers have tried to do everything to make players extremely comfortable during the passage;
  • An interesting choice of modes, even if, in fact, there are only two modes, but do not doubt, they should not disappoint you, in any way;
  • Interactivity, there is a very large selection of various interesting items that you can safely interact with during the passage.
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