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Bowmasters – a fun and fun game that will not leave any player indifferent, if you are tired of all the standard applications, you are tired of them, and want something new. So do not even doubt, here you will find this new full measure.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the frankly funny graphic component, the picture in the game was worked out at the highest level, there is always something to look at, and the bright game decorations are only able to consistently please, which they do most of the time. The gameplay here revolves around archery, you will have to take control of a funny Archer, and then use it to destroy a variety of opponents, the latter you will have a lot. So do not wait for easy passage, on the contrary, difficulties will fall on you literally from all sides, you must deal with them quickly. The main feature is an extremely wide variety, which, however, you will be able to see for yourself very quickly, at the start you will have the opportunity to shoot a bow, but after playing a little, you will be able to shoot a variety of more interesting projectiles. For example, at your service here will be axes, and even unicorns, which you can quickly send to the goal, thanks to this, you can have fun to the fullest, getting the most pleasant impressions of the game. The longer you play, the more diverse game features you will have.

In addition, the game has the ability to pump, which also pleases with its variety, pumping your character, you will regularly be able to get a variety of new abilities, for example, you will be able to shoot at the target much more accurately. Confidently hitting existing opponents, or what is even more interesting, increase the range of your projectiles.

What is worth noting is the presence of a really good physics, with which everything is just fine The flight of the projectile turned out to be extremely realistic, it moves the same way as in the real world, so if you have a real experience of archery, you can easily apply it in the game. It should be mentioned that the application turned out to be frankly easy and completely undemanding, if you are the owner of an old smartphone, and can not play on it in something more substantial, this game will fully suit you, helping to brighten up the time, and giving pleasure from the gameplay.

game Features:

  • Bright graphics;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Convenient control;
  • Very interesting and attractive gameplay.
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