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The game has been popular since its inception, and since then, the popularity continues to grow, which is not surprising, despite its simplicity, the game turned out to be complex and interesting. As soon as the first mobile games appeared, the minesweeper was among them, and many of its various modifications are still being created. As for example, the one that you can see here in front of you, in any case, the game turned out to be interesting and is not inferior to its old computer counterpart. Immediately it is worth emphasizing that the game has a high-quality Russification, which makes it easy to pass, however, the game is also quite easy, so that it should go without problems on most modern devices, which is also very good. Also, the game is not bad from the standard, you will find a solid set of features that will help you quickly find bombs.

User-friendly interface

The game is able to please with functional settings, you can easily configure the app so that it will fully work on most devices. The controls can be rearranged to your liking, however, and the standard settings are extremely simple, so you can easily play with one finger. Minesweeper, as you can quickly see for yourself, is already only for the sake of this.

Many levels of difficulty

Like the computer version, the game is able to please with several levels of difficulty, the easiest does not cause problems, there are a few mines and you can easily find them, but the difficult level is literally replete with dozens of mines, which you will have to deal with, to pass such a level without all sorts of hints, it is almost impossible. Difficult levels will be impassable even for professional players, here experience does not help much, you can rely solely on luck, which in turn helps not always and not everyone. Some of the disadvantages of the game could be attributed to the advertising that is present here, but at the same time you need to recognize. That the creators have found an elegant solution that completely removes all its shortcomings. The solution here is that you can choose the place where the ad will be placed. Thus, it will be understood to be displayed, but at the same time will not interfere with the game, such a decision can only be praised. In addition, here you will find an interesting opportunity to compete with other real players, using the rating table, so if you want, you can even show the world that you are the best player in this difficult game.
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