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In our time, there are many different simulators of air battles, some games of this type, are very successful, while others are not particularly. However, the game which you can see here in front of you, difficult to attribute to the second embodiment, on the contrary it's very interesting and dynamic thing, it turned out he know not without flaws, for example, the graphics are quite average, but everything else the world has turned out to be really successful. At your service will be a huge set of different aircraft that you can then use for the battle. At least, most of the really famous planes that are popular all over the world are present here, so any scrupulous player will be able to find a lot of interesting options here.

Interesting and dynamic battles

Opponents you usually come across are very difficult, so do not expect easy victories, opponents in most cases, will be very dangerous. The complexity of the game is primarily added by the fact that the battles take place simultaneously in several planes, so an attack from the enemy can be followed literally from any side, all this will give the gameplay a fair share of originality, and in General make the game very interesting. STRIKERS 1999, as you can see for yourself, you just need to be sure, this is really the game that is perfect for fans of these games.

Destroy the enemy in the air

Your main goal will be just such a simple and uncomplicated task, but it seems simple only at first glance, because the whole difficulty is that the opponents are improving with you. So you have to develop much faster than your enemies, or just play. To play against real opponents, you will need mobile Internet, though fast enough, without it to fully play, just do not work. Additional advantages include the fact that the game has an excellent Russian-language localization, thanks to which you can quickly understand the interface and just understand what you need to do. However, the interface is simple in itself. In addition, it can be noted that the game has a very convenient control, thanks to which, you will easily win battles. Moreover, the control can be conveniently configured, so that you can play fully, on most modern devices. Well, the overall optimization of the game pleases, it will go on most modern devices, which can also be evaluated exclusively as a plus.
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