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Nonogram - Logic Pic Puzzle - Picture Cross

Nonogram - Logic Pic Puzzle - Picture Cross
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Nowadays, there are many really good puzzles that are able to please with their capabilities. And here you have one such game, which turned out to be both very bright and interesting, but do not forget about the overall complexity. Here you can meet a lot of really brain-crushing tasks that can make you think. In the app you will find hundreds of different puzzles, sometimes quite complex, and sometimes just interesting. In the game you will find a really large set of various levels, each of which turned out to be really original and interesting. Once you start playing, you will get the opportunity to pass a simple training, after which you will have to solve a variety of tasks.

The gameplay here is quite simple, you need to open the blocks here, thus opening the hidden image. The picture is initially quite simple, but it will only be at first, the more you play, the more difficult the tasks will become, here you can see both a simple picture consisting of several parts, and something more complex. In addition, the advantages of the game include regular updates, you can play all day and still, will always come out something new.

It's easy to learn how to play, but it's difficult to pass the game

the Main feature of the game is that the difficulty is really high, and the more you play, the more you will be able to make sure of this. You will have to really give your best, solving all sorts of problems, which will be many here. Nonogram - Logic Pic Puzzle - Picture Cross, you can already only for the sake of such opportunities, whether you are an adult or a small child, in the game you will find a lot of great moments that will allow you to have a good time. The game was also perfectly optimized, so it should go on most devices without causing any significant problems there. The game also has a Russian-language localization, which will make it easier for you to handle it. But at the same time, like all good games has many disadvantages, for example, you can see a lot of advertising here, it is not so annoying, it is too much. Also, not all features will be available to you for free, for some you will have to pay separately, unfortunately.

A Solid set of images

As already mentioned above, you can see a variety of images here, they are made in a pixel style, and quite schematically, but at the same time interesting. At least, they can also be attributed to the significant advantages of the game.
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