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Pirate Treasures - Gems Puzzle

Pirate Treasures - Gems Puzzle
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Pirate treasures-a puzzle made in the spirit of pirate themes, playing this game, you can get into the spirit of piracy, as well as face a huge set of difficulties.

The Story

You will have to become the captain of the ship, and then go to capture the gems. As with most modern puzzles, the plot here is rather weakly expressed, but at the same time present.


Puzzle made in the genre of three in a row, your goal is to collect several gems in a row, so that they disappear. The complexity will constantly grow, so to cope with such a task is frankly not easy. There are a lot of levels and all of them can please with something new. Each new episode is recreated in the form of an old sea map, and Pirate Treasures - Gems Puzzle, it is already only for the sake of this, the advantages as you can see here a lot. On each map, you will find treasure chests, which you can access only by fulfilling the conditions set for you. The further you play, the more difficult it becomes, but at the same time more interesting, as you progress through the game is one continuous delight. Moreover, in order to pass the level you need to complete all the tasks that will stand in your way, even one that is not completed automatically will mean failure. However, you need to add that you will find here a fairly solid selection of various bonuses that can be useful for passing quite strongly. You can buy bonuses for virtual currency, which in turn you can get for passing.

Pirate Treasures Features

The game is able to please a really great graphic component, the picture turned out to be more than pretty and pleases the eye with its advantages. The picture is complemented by excellent background music, which sounds more than pleasant. And it is also worth noting all sorts of sound effects, which are also at an unprecedented height. The internal currency is very functional, you can even spend it to buy new lives, which are very useful for you to pass. Sometimes buying extra lives will literally save you from losing. There is also an opportunity to play together with your friends, thus arranging a kind of competition and simply determining which of you is better. Such a game can be no less interesting than a confrontation with the computer because a live opponent is always more interesting. However, as already mentioned, the puzzles are complex, so it is quite interesting to play against the computer.
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