Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World
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Geometry Dash World – at first glance, a fairly simple arcade game, which seems like this only at once, in fact, the game is far from simple, it will find something to surprise you, because there are many advantages here.

The Story

Like most of these arcade games, made in a retro style, the game does not have any distinct plot, you just play for a square that travels forward overcoming along the way a lot of various obstacles and traps.


On the way you will find a huge number of various obstacles, a huge set of traps that will stand in your way. And only for the sake of the complexity of such a game, Geometry Dash World is quite necessary. There are incredibly many levels here, all of them can boast not only a unique design, but also a variety of sound, you will always hear different melodies, this also pleases. In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to create your own levels here, using the functional level editor, you can add any difficulties you want, and Vice versa, create a simple but interesting level, there are many advantages, so you will not be able to remain disappointed. Also, there are a lot of settings here, in terms of the appearance of your character, it is understood that it will remain a cube, here you can change nothing, it will not work. But you can work with colors, coloring your character literally in all the colors of the rainbow, here you have completely untied your hands, so you can act as you want. The game also has a huge number of achievements that you can get just by passing the levels quickly. In addition, before you start playing, you can also go through training, which will be useful for those who are just starting to play a similar game, and have not yet had time to understand its main advantages.

Geometry Dash World Features

For a full game, you will need mobile Internet without it to enjoy the game, it will not work. In addition, there is no Russian-language localization, however, we must admit that it is not necessary here. But the game does not have paid features, downloading it to your device, you will immediately get access to literally all the features. The game can please quite a nice design and appearance, besides the sound is also on the level, it is quite bright and sound. In addition, as a rule, the soundtrack is almost always in the theme of what is happening on the screen. You should also pay attention to the management, with which you can easily perform any tasks set before you, the management is extremely simple and functional.
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