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The Escapists
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The Escapists – a game in which you can feel like a real criminal that plans to escape from prison, which will have to solve a series of puzzles. Moreover, all of them will be quite complex, and as you progress through the game will only grow, you do not need to wait for something easy from it, this will not be here.

The story

In terms of the plot, you will see the story of a guy who went to prison, as well as his attempts to get out of prison. The process is complicated by the fact that along the way you will have to adhere to the prison schedule and do everything so that the jailers do not suspect anything. And they are extremely vigilant here, so you can not deceive them. So until the last try not to give yourself anything, otherwise the escape is guaranteed to fail. You will have to regularly attend Breakfast, perform other prison work, check in at roll call and only in between all this you will have a little time to plan an escape, this will greatly complicate the game, perhaps by an order of magnitude. Moreover, do not delay the escape, the longer you prepare, the more chances that you will be discovered. You need to act very quickly, because time is playing against you.


You will encounter just a huge set of puzzles for which The Escapists, not only possible, but also necessary. This is the kind of game that really makes you strain your brain. Moreover, each puzzle is unique and not like the others, so they do not have time to get bored because you have to switch regularly to solve a variety of tasks. You will have to constantly look for items needed to escape, as well as learn how to hide them well, only in this case you can be sure that the escape will be successful. In addition, you can interact with other characters that can help you escape, and Vice versa, make it difficult to escape. You also need to regularly strengthen your strength in the dining room, otherwise the character will simply weaken and will not be able to perform the tasks set for him.

Features of The Escapists

The game boasts quite interesting pixel graphics, even if at first glance it is simple, but it will only be at first glance, in fact, it is more than worthy. Music and sound effects are also well-designed, so that they can be safely attributed to one of the most important advantages of the game, and even find fault with them, just do not work. Well-thought-out and convenient management, greatly simplifies the life of a set of actions that are available to you here, you can perform without any problems. It can be seen that the creators are well aware of what exactly should be the management of this type of toy.
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