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Break the Prison

Break the Prison
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    Android 2.1
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A great prison adventure simulator for Android OS. You find yourself imprisoned in a prison cell. Like most convicts, you are not at all happy with such harsh living conditions. In prison Break-Break Prison you are sick of everything, so you want to leave the walls of this infernal hell as quickly as possible and get out to freedom.

But to make your idea a reality, you need to organize an escape from a gloomy prison. After long-term development of a plan to escape from the darkened prison walls, you still decide to take a risk and implement your plan.

Toy Break the Prison contains a huge number of levels and five completely different types of gameplay, which gives the game application even more appeal, making it much more interesting and playable. Here, users will encounter a variety of reaction stages, intricate puzzles, and simple arcade levels.

Game Features:

  • More than fifty different game stages;
  • More than twenty different items that will be useful during the passage of levels;
  • Several types of gameplay;
  • A small set consisting of eight well-designed and well-thought-out maps;
  • Unusual system of difficulty levels;
  • Simple and comfortable operation.
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