One Level: Stickman Jailbreak

One Level: Stickman Jailbreak
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    Android 4.0
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Well, again, Tommy was able to get into criminal problems and ended up in the most dangerous and authoritative prison in the whole world. Tommy is actually well aware that this is not his place, and being behind bars is not exactly the best outcome of events, but one hero will not be able to cope with an accurate and correct escape plan. He will be able to use their abilities and skills of theft, because the main character in this case is considered a real master.

Getting to freedom will be extremely difficult, so you will need to try very hard to find a way to further retreat. Steal keys and open new cameras, and when you go to another level, it will need to look again for the maximum number of possible exits to get to the next task. You will find a large number of complicated tasks and adventures that have a connection with the escape.

Solve a variety of tasks related to logic and mental abilities. The player will be able to overcome an unrealistic number of tasks and puzzles on their way to help Tommy. Use the multi-functional system of hints and bonuses to be free.
Also, do not forget to use the useful instructions that will help you get to the final line. You can also call your friends, along with whom you can download One Level: Stickman prison break on Android and solve a lot of cool puzzles and tasks.
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