Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Faraway: Puzzle Escape
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    Android 4.1
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If you like to enjoy great adventures, in this case you must take part in this wonderful game. Soon you will turn into a seeker of unforgettable emotions and adventures that will surely appear soon. Many researchers have already been in this place for a long time, and they tried in any way possible to solve this mystery concerning the city, plunged into destruction. The main character will see a lot of unique landscapes that are present in a huge number of game locations. Antique castles, wonderful fortresses - this is all that you will be able to see in the near future on the screen of your smartphone. This will be able to please you so much in a very short time that you will not be able to live a day without playing this rather interesting and amazing project. You will meet an unlimited number of different tasks, after solving which the most important secret will be known. The ancient civilization will soon open all the cards to you if you act in the best way.

Mystery covered by centuries

This magnificent puzzle has a large number of secrets that you need to solve in a short period of time. Previously, the main character had a father who always liked to do interesting research, as well as other similar things. Each time he managed to find cool relics and artifacts that were in ancient ruins. After that, his father somehow disappeared and was never seen again. After that, you will have to follow in the footsteps of your dad, and start exploring a variety of places in this game. Enjoy beautiful oases, and other great game elements. You will visit the most interesting and unexpected places that you must like. The main character will constantly look for ways out of various situations, solve many complex puzzles, and not only.

Interesting world of antiquity

If you get the opportunity to Faraway: Puzzle Escape, then you will meet on your way more than ten unique temples, as well as various fortresses. Everywhere you will find cool puzzles that need mandatory passage. The main character can easily get settled in this world, which has a fairly high-quality graphics. Discover a huge number of new secrets and secrets of this amazing universe, as well as find answers to many questions of your character. It is likely that you will soon find out where you are and if everything is all right with him.
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