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Here is the most difficult, but really interesting arcade game for mobile phones, which will work with you at maximum performance. Very soon you will take an active part in the game process, in which you will have to try to achieve a good result. Take our word for it that you have never had such feelings from arcade projects, because there is a completely classic graphics, but an original story. In this game, you can show everyone around your skill, which will be shown during the passage of various difficult levels of the game. Try to pick up your smartphone strongly, after which you will get an amazing mood and emotions for the whole day. Probably, it will be very difficult for you to imagine these impassable missions, so you must download the project yourself to your phone, and appreciate the game. In any case, you still won't fully believe that such game applications exist in real life. You will completely change your mind about arcades, and you will take them in a completely different way. Of course, all the guys who will be able to win at least one level here will be real invincible masters.

The most Difficult arcade game

You will be an original and unique character of the game. You will immediately understand the meaning of the game, as well as see a large number of unpredictable game tasks. You play as a pink worm, dressed in a cap, which is why it turns out to be quite funny and interesting image. It turns out that he even has his first and only love, with whom they have been living together for a long time. Once the big hand kidnaps this beauty, and you will have to do everything possible to save this heroine as soon as possible. Soon you will see several hellish circles on your way, and even in this game you can easily enjoy the scary moments. The most important thing is to overcome all the difficulties that will await you in this game, and only in this case, everything will be done in the best possible way. If you let even one weapon get close to you, only small parts of you will remain.

Try to save your love

If you can sympathize, then you must Mad Dex. You need to act quickly and desperately, because only in this case you will achieve the desired result. Epic obstacles will only bring you constant pleasure. In this game there are more than fifty exciting levels, from the passage of which you can go crazy.
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