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Very soon you will move to a magnificent and unreal universe, which will be ruled by darkness and fear. This happened not very long ago, and earlier in this Kingdom there was only joy and good. From now on, you will try to restore this universe, because you are a great and irreplaceable hero who can in any case change the history of various peoples for the better. You are the last heir to the side of the World, which is why you must in any case defend your side with pride in dangerous battles with monsters, as well as with many other characters in this fantastic universe. In fact, you will have the opportunity to assemble a professional team, along with which you will go on raids, as well as Hiking, wandering through the terrible mystical locations. Your generation still has just a little bit of hope for salvation, and you must do everything possible for a good final result. You have to prepare high-quality weapons, with which you will be able to destroy all enemies in its path. In any case, you must try to restore this world, bringing only light and love to it, restoring an entire planet from the ashes. Do not even hope for any indulgences, because during the gameplay you have to show everyone your skills, as well as good skills throughout the game.

Exciting adventures in three-dimensional graphics

After downloading the game application to your phone, you will have the opportunity to join one of the available sides: good or evil. After that, a large-scale unreal battle will begin, in which only one side can win, and this should be exclusively good. You must always provide constant protection to your lands, clearing a lot of occupied places from the monsters and other creatures present there. At any time, you can start building your own Kingdom, which will constantly expand, but for this to happen, you must engage in the capture of enemy territories.

Exciting fantasy battles

If you want to HEIR OF LIGHT, you can enjoy great battles with your enemies. You have access to more than a hundred servants, and only five professionals in their field. The game has a powerful system with which you will take part in constant battles. You have a really important task that carries a lot of work. Use the weapons and forces of the main character to get a victory over the most dangerous and powerful bosses, and similar in the course of the game you can meet enough, you should take our word for it.
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