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Portal Quest
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    Role playing
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    Android 4.0.3
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Try to build a real team of characters who will take part in a large number of exciting quests, which include role-playing actions and interesting moments. Very soon you will find yourself in a new world of modern role-playing battles and adventures. Naturally, without a good team, little can happen, so you, first of all, will need to collect interesting warriors with whom you can achieve good results. All of them will have a strong spirit, as well as the desire to go into a big battle. Teach them the main points with which you can perform a huge number of exciting tasks on your way. You get access to an exciting universe of fantasy and magic. You will have to protect yourself from dangerous creatures and monsters that want to get all the resources available in the game. You must solely take responsibility for the existence of this universe, as well as give your team a true victory. You will constantly participate in interesting battles and battles in which there will be millions of opponents. You will get great pleasure from a variety of characters that will have their own abilities and unique features. Each character has its own unique role, which it will perform throughout the gameplay. You have to put together a really professional team, together with which you will be engaged in the constant implementation of interesting quests and great tasks. You have to turn into the best fighter who will perform many interesting tasks on the way.

Many epic battles with dangerous monsters

in General, the game has a huge number of team battles. Very soon you will be able to get an unforgettable experience that will help you develop in the right direction. Try to upgrade your characters, and fight them on an equal footing. You must have the most powerful and effective group in the entire district, and then you can collect a lot of gifts. Try to add to your team the strongest warriors, which after a while you can improve the game levels.

Monsters must be chosen according to a well-thought-out strategy

When you have enough strength Portal Quest, you can constantly develop the characteristics of your characters, which will bring you a positive result every time. You need to carefully select the monsters with which you will be happy to destroy all the enemies on your way. The character can be improved to the maximum combat level of 35, and only after that you can say something about the invincible capabilities of this team.
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