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Critical Ops
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From this point on, you need to start performing a really important task, which will depend on a lot of your personal qualities, as well as a good mood. In this game process, the developers will specifically check your preparation for the battle, as well as your reaction in the event that you will be attacked by a huge number of opponents. Of course, in every battle there are tactical permutations, and thanks to your own experience, you can win in the most difficult and difficult tests. Each new day has a real adrenaline rush and a variety of tests, during which you will take an active part in various terrorist acts. Learn to act as the commander-in-chief of your team, and destroy all the targets on your way. You will have a good weapon that you need to test the power. Conduct large-scale operations to destroy enemy groups, and try to get success in each completed game task. If you do not want to work on the side of law and order, and you want to finally feel some new sensations, in this case you can go to the side of a terrorist group and fight with special forces, and just destroy everything that will block the way.

Skirmishes with special forces

Invite your comrades to join the greatest domination for the world. If you try hard, you will soon become the best team that can outrun all other groups with maximum efficiency. Take an active part in the world table and get out in the lead, which will be extremely difficult to do. You will face the greatest battle in competition with other opponents. Feel all the sharpness of the game process and try to pump the game weapons to the maximum level. The game process has a lot of realistic moments, which is why you will enjoy every game process.

Multiplayer Mode

you can very quickly Critical Ops, and then create together with your friends a really high-quality team. You will need to come up with the perfect tactics for passing so that the enemy can get out of their own square. You can not only pump your own weapons, but also completely change their appearance. The game has many different skins and updates. Play a couple of game modes and enjoy the game. You will find many different locations around the world. Now in this game you can fight both at the airport and on the main playing area.
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