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Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad

Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad
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    Android 4.1
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We offer you to enjoy a rather interesting and exciting adventure that should give you unreal emotions and pleasure. You find yourself in a large galaxy, where a huge number of planets in the solar system meet us, as well as alien creatures waiting for the greatest battle. They are ready to start a big battle, and you need to be sure to prepare for it in advance. Initially, you will travel around the solar system, and daily learn about new unreal beautiful planets. Meet real monsters, with whom you will fight on your way. These creatures will do everything possible to destroy you, and they will not be prevented from carrying out all their insidious plans. You will feel a special tension every time you fight with alien races. Try to make the most of all your powers to win this war, and save the whole of humanity from the attacks of opponents. Of course, it will be quite difficult to do this, but you will need to really try very hard to achieve a successful result. The aliens will be tall creatures, but you need to be sure to develop your spaceship so that it has enough power to fly to the end of the path.

Exciting retro gameplay

after downloading the game to your smartphone, you can immediately get acquainted with the excellent gameplay component. It talks about how aliens ended up in this world where no one expected to see them. Then an attack was made on humanity, and the opponents began to seize new lands and planets. You will be the only character who needs to try to save the entire universe and people from the world's danger. Initially, you need to learn the basic management of the spacecraft, so that the UFO did not have time to penetrate your territory.

A Wonderful shooting game in outer space

At the moment when you have enough strength Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad, you will not need rules and instructions with which you could take control of the game application. The game process is made in such a way that you will be comfortable enough to make shots, as well as move along a pre-designed trajectory. You need to destroy all enemy opponents, as well as prepare for an unrealistic future battle with a large and dangerous boss who can kill you in a few strokes, if you do not heal. The game project is full of various updates, with which you will improve, and cool retro graphic design can only give a positive and good mood.
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