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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
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It is very difficult to think that players have never had a similar game projects, where you need to control your space ship, shooting many enemies on the way. Soon you will be able to enjoy the unique adventures that will take place in arcade mode. These gaming apps have come to the mobile industry since the days of the regular consoles, besides at the time they were developed with fewer exciting than they are today. If you love two-dimensional space battles, then you'll be able to enjoy great gameplay. From shooting enemies, you'll get only positive emotions, and the enemies here will be enough. You need to do everything possible to through your space no one could pass. To date, the galaxy is in terrible danger that comes from the bosses. Opponents want as soon as possible to deal with you and also get maximum power over the whole galaxy. It may seem that now there is no strongest hero, who will be able to give a true down to all enemies in its path, but it's not true, because this hero will be just you. During the execution of the game's missions you'll perform more than a hundred games in which you have to destroy a lot of enemy soldiers.

Great battles in outer space

To your galaxy will attack enemy ships that you would need to destroy. Enemies should have a chance. You yourself fight in a huge battle in the big and vast space. Game developers provide you under the control of a huge spaceship, in which there are high-quality combat abilities, as well as various high-quality weapons. And aliens a good conscience, which every time they will try to capture your port. Also you're constantly improving the overall condition of your vehicle, which will help you in solving most of the tasks. Try to prepare it for the great battles with these difficult Bosses, then you will receive a precious reward.

a Huge number of dangerous enemies

the Player will get memorable effects for gameplay. Also you are always gonna get interesting bonuses, with which you are happy to deal with all the enemies on your way. If you can Space Shooter: Galaxy will use its power to destroy all bosses in the game plot.
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