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Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Car Mechanic Simulator 18
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This is a great game in which immediately after opening you will need to go to the workshop. This is a really realistic simulator that can give you an unrealistic amount of emotion and pleasure. The player will perform many tasks, during which you will be sure to update, or to repair their vehicles. Every day you will receive an unrealistically large number of new orders, and you will need to try to fulfill them all. When you do all the tasks, you can improve your car service, as well as buy new equipment. The player will expand each time, because every day the number of clients increases several times. Try to repair a lot of cars to get the best reward for them. Most of the actions you will perform exist in our lives. Therefore, from this game you will get not just a few hours of fun, but also a lot of useful moments. Maybe all this will be necessary in the future, and you will always get unreal pleasure from the process of this game.

Amazing mechanic simulator

When you can collect a sufficient amount of money, then each time you will search for broken cars. They belong to the past, and it is twice as interesting to repair classics. Soon you will be able to find amazing cars that you will need to restore and drive again. In your personal garage will be an unrealistically large number of cars that you will collect throughout the game. It will be extremely interesting for you to watch how all your cars will develop and improve. You will be able to create a true masterpiece, from which you will get real pleasure. After all the difficulties and settings, you can go for the first test drive to fully test the power of the car.

Auto Repair with a huge number of tools

When you can Car Mechanic Simulator 18, you will be actively engaged in repairing all engine parts and replacing worn parts. Also, you will definitely solve problems with the brake system, exhaust, make repairs to the transmission and suspension. In addition, you will have to do active repairs on the body part of cars. Get rid of the rust that has arisen on the classic, put a new layer of putty, and you have a great opportunity to paint the car the way your heart desires. When you are fully able to restore the car, you will sell it, getting a large amount of money.
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