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Take an active part in the wonderful gameplay. You will manage throughout the game a large truck that will be on your farm every day, collecting a lot of orders from local residents, which will need to perform at high speed. Your truck must always have new loads and materials, which you will deliver to the end point throughout the game. You get into a real journey, which will find yourself in various cities and villages. They need products from your farm, so you need to create a practical plan with which you can manage to complete game missions every time. From the gameplay, you can only get valuable experience, restoring the old village. It is also necessary to constantly increase your own production, achieving better results. Use modern and innovative technologies, as well as equipment that will increase the efficiency of your farm. Everything will start after planting wheat, which will then be used for production purposes. You will also have a great opportunity to grow fruit, which often have a price much higher than ordinary vegetables.

Super Farm with superheroes

Get original features and benefits with this game:
  • You can really build a quality farm that can be developed to a huge scale;
  • Choose any of the large number of characters who will gladly take part in your game process, and also help you get the victory;
  • Initially, you must create the correct supply chain with trucks;
  • Manage the secret headquarters;
  • the game involves a large number of wonderful and interesting characters along with other heroes.

A Lot of orders for the farmer

After you have enough strength to Superfarmers, you will have to provide irreplaceable help to local residents. They have individual requests that you should definitely listen to. You will have to perform a huge number of tasks along with quests, getting precious coins and other rewards. With the help of such tasks, you will develop, getting a sufficient amount of the desired experience. You have to give the game characters their help in the development of a large and prosperous planet. Do not waste time, and be engaged in the performance of permanent work, which you will have plenty of. Also, you will definitely get pleasure from the great game graphics.
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