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Gladiator Glory
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Move along with this wonderful game in ancient times, when people had very interesting entertainment to watch the battles of the gladiators. We present you a truly remarkable process during which you really feel a great memorable for a long time the atmosphere. Come out to the big arena and start taking part in the greatest battles against enemies from all of ancient Rome. Also you have a great opportunity to make own team of fighters, gladiators, and then each time to take an active part in the greatest battles that you are sure will not be ashamed. Actively participate in team battles and become heroes for the arena. In fact, you might be hard to become leader of Rome, and become true champion. If you play, you'll be able to feel to the fingertips this wonderful atmosphere, taking an active part in the greatest battles in the big and beautiful the Coliseum. Destroy all enemies in its path and move in the global ranking, until you get a real success. Game project made in a gorgeous graphic design, and a bloody battle will bring you only pleasure and a smile on his face. You will be truly free, but for that to happen, you need to spend a lot of free time, and if you want people to be fatal.

the Greatest battles of the gladiators

Enjoy the real possibilities in the gameplay. Use a variety of weapons in these big contests with opponents. To fight enemies, you have a great opportunity to choose the hammer, the axe, the sword, and get good protection due to its strong shields. Need to plan for what is happening in the Eye, and you certainly will succeed. You know about the whole universe, and fans will always be at your feet. All your enemies are really strong, and to fight them will need to possess incredible power and strength. Each battle is accompanied by blood and sweat.

Battle with a fatal outcome

If you decide download Gladiator Glory for Android, it will soon become a true champion among a large number of gladiators. Win the duels, while receiving a huge amount of money. For the money you can always buy a new high quality weapon, with which you still will be easier to destroy all enemies in its path. Each hero has its own level which will be automatically pumped after the passage of exciting levels.
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