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Block Strike
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    Android 4.1
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Block Strike - the genre of the game can be safely attributed to shooters, but at the same time in terms of graphics, it is extremely similar to Minecraft. You will have to fight with numerous enemies in the world consisting of blocks. Your main goal is to win at any cost, you need to remain the only one alive on the map, and to win, you can use a solid set of available weapons.

The Story

Like many similar shooting games, the game has no special plot. Just at the start you get weapons, as a rule, the starting barrel will be quite mediocre, then you can use it to destroy opponents, but at the first opportunity, get yourself a more solid weapon.


In the game you will find a solid set of maps, each of which looks original, and has quite an interesting design, so that when fighting on each new location you have to use a slightly different tactic. For example, on one location, you can enjoy plenty of numerous shelters, while on the other you can rely solely on the speed of fire, when the enemy has to destroy the first, because long and straight corridors simply do not give much space for maneuvers. You will have a really large set of a variety of weapons, which, even if it looks very primitive, but very functional and quite useful for destroying the enemy, you will find here everything from pistols and pumping machine guns, for the sake of such a variety Block Strike, is certainly worth it. Any true fan of weapons can find something for themselves here.

Block Strike Features

The game is able to surprise with its cubic graphics, even if it looks very simple as old games. Thanks to its simple graphics, the game turned out to be not demanding to the capabilities of your phone, so it should go on almost any device. There is a huge set of modes, each of which is able to please with its various features and greatly affect the passage, for example, you can play alone against all, and participate in team battles, when your side is a lot of other fighters. Available weapons can be improved many times, most of the firearms have several levels of improvement, and at the last, even the weakest type of weapon can be extremely effective and perfect for eliminating the enemy. In addition, among the weapons there are legendary types that are much better than usual, it is not easy to get them, but having such weapons in your hands, you can count on winning.
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