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My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela
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My Talking Angela - is a pet simulator in which you will have to get a pet. And then take a lot of care of the latter, this game is perfect for everyone who wants to have a pet, but does not have this opportunity in real life.

the Story

Like most of these games, this development does not have any really significant plot. Your goal is to get a small kitten in your hands and raise a beautiful adult cat.


The game was mostly designed for a female audience, so the opportunities here were designed mostly for girls. In the game you can dress up your cat in a variety of outfits, the set of available clothing is incredibly extensive, so you can change outfits regularly. Your kitty will even have superhero costumes in her wardrobe, which will add a fair amount of variety to the game. There is a solid set of features to build your pet impressive hairstyles. Moreover, you can not only use the standard set of hairstyles, but also create something new from scratch, which will only give the game a lot of advantages. Just do not forget about the creators of makeup, here you will have a solid opportunity to apply it, there is everything for every taste. Just like with other Pets, the cat needs to be fed regularly and put to bed. As you can see My Talking Angela, for the sake of all the above, it is well worth it. But if this was not enough for you, you will still find a solid set of mini-games in the game, each of which turned out to be unique. And it compares favorably with all the others, here the games are selected for every taste there is something that should appeal to young children and adult games. In addition, thanks to the passage of games, you will get the opportunity to get all sorts of decorations, with which you can decorate the cat's house. It is also necessary to mention that the cat can speak, it can repeat all your words, with its own voice, it sounds like fun.

Features My Talking Angela

The game can please you with really high-quality and detailed graphics. we can say for sure that the picture you can see here looks good even against the background of other games. Your kitty looks just incredibly well, in this development, the creators clearly added a little bit of Japanese anime, as a result, the graphics turned out to be anime, but at the same time quite good and cute, and the kitty itself and the world around it, causes an exceptionally strong delight. Some drawback of the game can be considered the presence of advertising and paid content, all this will be quite annoying, especially with the abundance of advertising.
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