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Simulators of Pets have always been very popular, because in our time a lot of people dream of having a pet, but, unfortunately, can not do it for one reason or another. For example, a person lives in a rented apartment or somewhere else, or simply has to move regularly here, and can not afford to keep a pet. In this case, mobile games come to the rescue perfectly, they will allow you to keep any pet. Here you have one such game, as soon as the talking Tom appeared on mobile devices, it immediately caused a considerable stir, which continues to hold until now, because the game is really interesting and provides you with many opportunities to play with your pet. At the start, for example, you will get a small kitten that you need to take care of and take care of in every way, as you progress through it, it will constantly grow until it turns into an adult cat. With your cat, you can also talk and he will repeat all the words for you, with his funny voice, this also gives the game a fair share of originality. However, when talking, it is advisable to keep the phone close to your mouth, because with a weak microphone, the cat may not really hear what you say at a distance. Otherwise, the game is not particularly demanding on your device, so it should go on most smartphones.

Play with a funny pet

In the game, you must regularly feed your pet, as well as solve all its vital needs, for example, take it to the toilet and put it to bed. You also need to deal with the house where your pet lives, for example, to furnish it with new items or buy new clothes for your friend, all this is available in the game. But for purchases, you will need to understand the internal currency to get the latter is not very difficult. In order to earn money in the game you will have to play a variety of mini-games, for the passage of which you are already in turn and will receive a reward. It is understood that in order to save up for a really valuable thing, you will have to try very hard. But in General, if you persevere, all the available items in the game will be yours. At the same time, it should be emphasized that the creators regularly update the game, adding new and colorful features here, which makes it only more interesting, already exclusively for the sake of this, My Talking Tom. In addition, recently it has become possible to travel around the game world, thus visiting other cats.

Visit other countries

In order to go explore the world, you need to first grow your cat, but at the moment when it reaches the specified level. You can get on a plane and travel inside the game, visiting a variety of countries, the latter will only make the game more interesting.
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