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My Best Friend Bucky
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    Android 4.0.3
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Children's games are very popular in our time, because as you do not twist, but most modern players are children. So the creators of games, trying to keep up with the times, and create more and more relevant, and just interesting toys designed primarily for a young audience, and this is where you have another such game.

In the game you will meet the characters of the popular children's cartoon, after which you can have fun with them for your own pleasure. At least for a child, such entertainment is suitable, if not ideal, so very well. Also, the significant advantages of the game can be attributed to the Russian-language localization, thanks to which, the child will be much easier to understand all the features and advantages of the game. It is also worth noting that for the full operation of the application, you do not need the Internet, which can also be attributed exclusively to solid advantages.

In the game you will have to take care of your bear, we can say that he will act here, exclusively as a pet. You will have to take care of him in every way, feed him, and also take care of his health. Of course, you also need to entertain your pet, because it depends entirely on you, and if you forget about it for a long time, you may start to feel sad or just bored. In General, in this regard, there are no significant differences from many other simulators, but at the same time, the game will not make you bored.

In addition, there is an opportunity to create a house for your pet, you can make it beautiful and just cozy, so that the pet was nice to live in it, all this is understood in full measure will be available to you here. Well, do not forget to constantly add something new and pleasant to it, because all new items will sincerely please your funny pet. The game is really a lot, though the developers tried to do everything to not bore you, not all features of the game, will be available to you at the start, new opportunities will appear during the passage of that just give the game some uniqueness and originality.

You can be sure My Best Friend Bucky is definitely worth it. The creators really rasstaralis, and made it so that each level turned out to be original and completely different from all the others. And this means only one thing, as you progress, you will constantly see something new, and unlike everything else.
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