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Are you looking for interesting and original games for your child? If all this is true, then you are very lucky, because this game is right in front of you. It turned out to be interesting and really successful, so at least you will not be disappointed during the passage of something like this. In fact, the game can be attributed to coloring books, but at the same time it has a lot of interesting features that the first simply did not have. Rather, even the application can be attributed to advertising of the same name products, the application is recommended to be used together with the same coloring pages. Initially, you buy your child a paper coloring book that he paints, but when he does his job, you need to point the device's camera at the finished drawing and the app should bring it to life. The app has a very simple and functional interface, thanks to which you can easily understand everything that is happening. In addition, here you will also find high-quality Russification, which should also greatly facilitate your handling of the game. One of the disadvantages, perhaps, is that for the full operation of the application, you will need a high-quality mobile Internet.

Animate any coloring pages

it is Understood that after you animate an existing character, you will have to buy another coloring book and so on indefinitely, this is the main secret of why the application is distributed for free. Thus, its creators get just an endless source of new customers. However, download Firefly for Android, you just need to be sure, even despite all the above. The app is quite original, has almost no analogues, so just look at its work, it will be very interesting.

Work with a huge number of coloring pages

by Installing the app on your device, you can successfully animate a wide variety of coloring pages. The set of available images is actually very large. Another thing is that every time you have to buy a new coloring book, which you will agree, greatly reduces the attractiveness of the application. In addition, you should be warned that the program is somewhat demanding on your camera, so you can fully use the app. You, unfortunately, will not be able, with all your desire, about something like this, you will not have to forget. It is worth finally mentioning the quality of animated drawings, they look extremely bright and high-quality, and the animation looks cartoonish. But at the same time, it is extremely bright and beautiful, so it should really please not only children, but even their parents.
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