Spider in your phone

Spider in your phone
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    Android 2.3
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Spider in your phone - an interesting app that will give you the opportunity to have a real spider in your phone. You should immediately warn that this is not a pet simulator, if someone expects something like this from the game, then you are clearly not here. The app was created as a prank, so that you can scare your friends with a huge spider. If you are interested in this possibility, then feel free to install it.

The possibilities for using something like this, in fact, are many, the spider looks really very realistic, so there is an incredible amount of room for maneuver. You can suddenly launch it on your device, and then show your friends a huge spider that runs on your screen, you can not even doubt that in any case, this should shock them.

The app turned out to be extremely compact, does not take up much space after installation, but it works fully everywhere, even on frankly old and weak devices. Thanks to a very convenient interface, you can easily launch the app6ime without being noticed, so the appearance of the spider will be a huge surprise for everyone. The spider in the phone , in this regard, turned out to be really universal, it seems that the developers have thought everything out absolutely correctly, so that their creation could really cause a shock, and it causes it.

Separately, once again, you should pay attention to the incredibly good animation of the spider, it turned out to be at the highest level, everything is perfectly executed. So the eight-legged creature turned out to be somewhat repulsive on the one hand, but at the same time, frankly cute, and causing genuine interest, so that at the moment when the first shock passes, you will find that watching your pet is quite interesting and fun. Understand for a long time you will not have enough of such an application, after you scare all your friends, they will not fall for such a game again, but for the first time, in any case, the application is really impressive, and it can be good to scare so. But even then, nothing terrible will happen, because the program does not take up much space on your device, so you can always store it just in reserve, in order to scare new friends. And in the intervals between use, you will not even notice that you have something installed here, because the application will take up almost no space and will not interfere with you in any way, conflicts with other applications should also not occur.

Spider in the phone - an entertaining Board video game in which the player will have to make maximum intellectual effort. First, you should think through the possible steps, and then proceed to action. The difficulty of passing is the obstacles that the user of the Android operating system will often encounter. As a bonus, you should use additional amplifiers. They will help you overcome an obstacle in a difficult situation, which will certainly move you further up the level. The game interface is as simple as possible, since the idea itself does not require special graphic elements.

Feature of game:

  • The app is extremely light;
  • Management is extremely convenient;
  • The spider was executed very plausibly;
  • The idea of the game is fun.
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