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On Androidik you can find a lot of different and just interesting applications, including just great simulators. Like this one, for example, you can be sure that no matter how many really impressive things you have seen in this life, something like this can at least surprise you. After all, now, you will get the opportunity to play on your device, for a real mouse, you will agree, it sounds very intriguing, because nothing like this before simply did not exist, and now you can enjoy this, to the full.

The life of your animal will be incredibly difficult, because it will fall into full of danger places. And to survive a small animal in the wild, as you can see for yourself, is frankly not easy. However, you just need to add that at the start, you will initially get the opportunity to choose where exactly you want to live, you can choose both the wild forest and the house. But in any case, it will be hard for you, because the owners of the house, too, are not happy with uninvited tenants, so that from their side the animals are in danger.

At first, you will have to look for your pet mink, food and everything necessary for living, gradually you will be able to raise the level, and when you reach the tenth, you will have an additional opportunity. You can find your pet couple, and have children, or just play with your other half. If you get offspring, you will need to keep an eye on them, and of course take care of them, which will make the game much more difficult, but at the same time, frankly interesting. However, in order to have cubs, you will have to raise the level of your ward animal, to the twentieth.

But in any case, most of the gameplay will consist of finding a wide variety of items necessary for survival. After all, you need not only food, but also materials to build housing. Just do not forget about the enemies, they will be quite a lot, the same cats will never give up the opportunity to attack your pet, at any opportunity. And in General, as a rule, most of the living creatures encountered here will pose a really serious danger to you.

As you can see for yourself, Mouse Simulator, it's just a great idea, because the application turned out to be frankly more than worthy, so that fans of such simulators will not be able to leave dissatisfied.
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