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Bubbu – My Virtual Pet

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet
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Bubbu – My Virtual Pet - a game in which you will have to raise your own pet. Nowadays, many people would not refuse to get a pet, but there are many reasons why it is not possible, for example, to keep an animal in a tiny, and sometimes even a rented apartment is not so easy. Now this problem will completely go into the background.

The Story

Like most of these simulators, the creators did not bother with a really clear story, you will not find it, just get a pet at the start and start taking care of it serving all its needs.


You can take care of your pet in every way, as well as play with it, already for the sake of such opportunities, Bubbu – My Virtual Pet it is quite possible. Also, you will find a solid set of mini-games that can only brighten up the passage, the main plus of these games is that they turned out to be extremely diverse and for every taste. And if you consider that there are several dozen of them, then even the most capricious player will be able to find something here exclusively for themselves. But at the same time, we must not forget that games are not only for entertainment. Thanks to them, you will be able to earn the same virtual currency, which is sure to be useful to you for purchases as you go through. For your pet, you can buy all sorts of purchases, home decorations and clothes, and it is for all this, you will first need this virtual currency.

Bubbu Features – Bubbu – My Virtual Pet

The game can please with detailed graphics, well-drawn world, can cause exceptionally warm feelings. Unlike many simulators, the world here is not limited to the house of your pet, outside of it there is also a world, and completely open, so if you want you can go to travel and explore it for fun. Understand all this will be possible only when your pet grows up, but initially take the time to educate a small cat, an adult animal. Also in the game you can do cooking, cook with the cat a lot of different dishes, and if this is not enough for you, it does not matter, there is also an opportunity to grow a variety of plants, and treat the kitten if it gets sick. Moreover, all these features are quite detailed and, most importantly, realistic, so spend a little free time on them, it will be just frankly nice, the game is able to entertain well, like it does not take away. Something like this can take a long time, not only children, but even adults.
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