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My Talking Dog Masha - Virtual Pet

My Talking Dog Masha - Virtual Pet
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My Talking Dog Masha - Virtual Pet – a virtual pet simulator dedicated to dog themes. In our time, many people would not refuse to get a pet, that's just the possibility of this is not at all, if such a problem is familiar to you, then you do not need to pass by, the app will leave you delighted. Actually, today there are a huge number of such simulators, but at the same time, the game stands out well against their background, which should leave all fans of the genre delighted.

Actually, the gameplay itself is quite simple, but not ordinary, at the start you will get control of a funny puppy that you need to take care of, and then you will have a task to grow a large adult dog out of it. The gameplay turned out to be surprisingly bright and entertaining, in any case, something like this should not disappoint you. Your pet will constantly want to drink and eat, so your key task is to meet all such needs. In addition, the pet needs to be entertained so that it does not get bored. In General, as you can see very quickly, this seemingly simple app is fully capable of meeting all your needs for a pet.

In addition, my Talking Dog Masha: Virtual Pet, has another rather funny feature, which is expressed in the fact that your pet will be able to talk, which as you know, is especially funny. However, it does not give random phrases, but repeats the words you said, with its funny voice, which gives the game an additional share of attractiveness, makes it especially funny and bright.

In addition, in the game you will find a fun selection of mini-games, which are also very worthy, at least just to pass the time, they will fit perfectly. But the games will be useful not only for this task, but also thanks to the toys available here, you can earn internal currency, which is useful for buying a variety of things necessary for your pet. Actually, you will have to play these games, a lot, because in order to buy the necessary things, initially you need to save a lot of money. Yes, the simplest ones are not so expensive, there will be no problems. But to buy a wide variety of exclusive items, you will have to try very hard, in the end you will have to literally play for hours on end, in order to achieve results.

Game Features:

  • Good graphics;
  • Well-designed world;
  • Lots of entertainment;
  • Convenient control;
  • Decent optimization.
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  1. Mahdiyeh
    Mahdiyeh 11 January 2021 22:41
    Hello, please put the hacked version of my talking beagle virtual pet game on the site. Unfortunately, it is not available on Google Play, and it was last updated two years ago. Thank you.
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