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Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet

Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet
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Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet - a game made in the genre of pet simulator, here you will have to take care of a cat, then take care of it and raise it. The game is not the first in the series, if someone did not guess, the first to appear talking Tom, but because it was extremely successful, the creators did not waste time, and created a lot of similar games.

The Story

You will not see a special storyline in the game, just get your pet at an older age, which is quite helpless, so it can not survive without your help. In this regard, you will not see any differences from dozens of similar analogues, but at the same time, let's be honest, they are not needed here, people love pet simulators, frankly not for this.


The game was more designed for a female audience, so the entertainment here is more intended for girls. You can take care of your pet, dress it in a variety of outfits, bathe, feed, and just play. As in many similar games, if you stop caring regularly, your pet may even die. Also, there is a kind of beauty salon where you can make your pet a great hairstyle and make up. Girls already exclusively for the sake of such an opportunity Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet is quite worth it. In addition, you can buy a variety of accessories in the game, decorating both the home and the pet itself. For many purchases, you will need internal currency, but it is not particularly difficult to get it, for this, play numerous mini-games and for their passage you will receive internal currency, for some especially expensive purchases, it will be quite difficult to accumulate money, but it is quite possible.

Features Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet

The game boasts excellent graphics, it is cartoon, but very cute, here you will not find serious drawbacks. The soundtrack turned out to match the game, it is very cheerful and pleasant enough, it has no drawbacks. Pleases and a variety of mini-games, they turned out to be very different from one another, so that some are perfect for young children, while others will have to like even adults. The game has a lot of features, so it can be delayed for a long time, unfortunately, in addition to the advantages there are also disadvantages, not to mention which also can not be the main drawback is that even though the game is shareware, but there are a lot of paid features. Moreover, they usually look pretty enough, so that children can not resist spending money on them, parents should not forget about such a danger.
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