Talking Booba 2

Talking Booba 2
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Talking Booba 2 is a pet simulator in which you will have to deal not with some abstract animal, but with a brownie. Rather, with a small domovenok, which, however, will have a lot to look after. Your ward, like all living ones, has a solid set of needs, wants to eat, play and swim.

The Story

You will not see any special plot here, just take control of your pet at the start, which you should regularly take care of, entertain and feed it regularly, and it will entertain you in return.


In the game, you can interact with your pet, shake or tickle it, in response, it will laugh or perform some other actions. For example, if you annoy him very much, he may start to grumble. In addition, the pet can talk to you, although the set of its articulate replicas is not so great, but it hears and repeats all the said phrases. However, here you also need to make a small addition in contrast to the smartphone model, it is desirable to keep it closer to your face when pronouncing a phrase, because sometimes the built-in microphone is not so powerful so it does not catch all the words you say, so the pet will not speak clearly. It is also possible to create videos with your pet, focus on the most fun moments that he makes, by clicking one button, you can easily save them to your memory, and then calmly share with everyone around you. Already exclusively for the sake of such an opportunity Talking Booba 2, it is quite possible.

Features of Talking Booba 2

The game boasts an excellent picture, good background music and bright effects, as a rule, all sounds are extremely in the theme, so they do not cause rejection. Convenient control allows you to fully play as a small child and an adult. The creators of it completely redesigned so that you can find a lot of differences for the better, against the background of previous games. In addition, the game has a huge set of features for entertainment, even though it is similar to many analogues, but it has a solid set of innovations. Pleases and a huge set of animations that are tied to many actions, for example, poking your finger in different parts of the body of the hero, you can achieve completely different reactions. Some frustration is caused by a set of phrases, they are funny, nothing bad can be said here, but unfortunately they are extremely small, so that quickly enough he begins to repeat pronouncing phrases that have already been on the second, or even the third circle, this begins to somewhat irritate with its monotony.
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