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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - a legendary game, which, of course, knows almost any fan of computer games, if you consider yourself one of these fans, then do not appreciate the game at its true value is simply impossible. Here, first of all, a really great story pleases, famously twisted and with unusual turns, even if it resembles a Hollywood action movie. However, in the form of a story for a mobile game, it looks at least worthy. It is also worth emphasizing that the game was just perfectly optimized for mobile devices, so on most smartphones it will go without problems, and you will not see any significant bugs. Do not forget about the extremely convenient interface, which makes it easy to manage the entire process.

The story

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you will see that the center of the story will be a guy who left his hometown a few years ago, and only recently returned. When he returned home, he saw that the city had changed a lot, corruption was rampant, and there were a lot of drug dealers on the streets. In addition, the main character's mother was killed, and he himself is hanged for a crime, he is the main suspect in a bloody murder. Needless to say, the hero has nothing to do with the crime. But he has no way out, now our hero must become a criminal authority and thus change his hometown. The plot has many branches, so the future of your character will depend not least on your actions.


In terms of features, the game turned out to be frankly rich, here you can observe a frankly large city, it is interesting to explore, as well as take part in local events, thus influencing the plot. The world is well developed and the atmosphere of the mafia city, for the most part, pleases.

Features of GTA San Andreas

The game has a large set of advantages, which include a well-designed character design, as well as a rich variety of colors of the surrounding world, so that the city looks extremely alive and realistic. In addition, it is worth noting the convenient management, which has many individual settings. Thanks to which, you can adjust the control for yourself, so that the game will be extremely convenient on virtually any device. It is also necessary to emphasize the local artificial intelligence, it is at a fairly high level of development. So you do not need to wait for easy opponents, on the contrary, your enemies will act correctly. Use shelters, so that each battle will be delayed for a long time, and to win you will have to try, do not expect that everything will be simple.
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