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Russian SUV
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A good racing simulator, which was dedicated primarily to the native car industry. It should also be emphasized that it was developed initially for mobile, so there will be no significant problems with management, unlike many games that were transferred from other gaming platforms to mobile, everything is perfectly optimized for smartphones.

In terms of gameplay, everything was done in the style of old racing 90's, you just have to race through rough terrain, which is also scattered a variety of obstacles, they can really slow you down a lot. But the picture here is much better than the old games, it is not modern, but in General at the level. And the locations are at a height, you will drive somewhere in the Outback, on the appropriate quality of roads, and you can believe that something like this gives the game a high enough share of uniqueness.

The plot here is not so intricate, but in General interesting, you follow the story, you will have to restore abandoned carpool, along the way performing a variety of tasks, both small and large enough, for well-performed tasks, you will get a virtual currency, which can then be spent on the development of your business. As a rule, you will be offered a job by local residents, and often, the work will be associated with the transportation of a wide variety of goods. As you progress through the game, and with the successful development of bases, you will get access to all new vehicles, as well as using the capabilities of the base, you will be able to repair and simply improve the transport available to you. Also, if you want, you will get the opportunity to play not just alone, but to enter into a confrontation with live players, literally from all over the world. Also, you will not have any restrictions, if you get tired of performing tasks, you will be able to get behind the wheel, and go just to explore the area, the picture of the surrounding world, was worked out, at least, adequately, so do not doubt, you will definitely find something to admire.

Russian SUV, as you can see, it is quite possible. You should start only for the sake of a large selection of cars available to you here, and all transport will have real analogues. There is also a natural physics, which will only give the game additional appeal.
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