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Clash of Kings
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    Android 2.3.3
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Clash of Kings - CoK is an interesting strategy designed for mobile devices. The game turned out to be very cheerful, so it will not be lost even against the background of many successful computer analogues.

First of all, you should pay attention to the removal, well-designed graphics, the picture turned out to be just a sight for sore eyes, which as you should understand, will only add a portion of additional advantages to the game. The picture here is perfect not inferior to what you could see on the computer. In terms of sounds, everything is also very good, the available sound set is consistently pleasing and uplifting.

The plot here is this, you will play for the king, who is trying to regain his former influence. You will have to build castles, expand your territory, it is necessary to understand and recruit soldiers to your army, and at the same time conduct a confrontation with the enemy. At the start, you will not be available to all types of soldiers and buildings, but as you progress, the set of features will expand.

It is worth adding that the game has an incredibly large selection of various soldiers that you can hire, the weakest fighters that will be available to you at the start, do not strike the imagination. But the elite, which you will be able to hire at the end of time, is just incredibly good, the most elite fighters will be able to cause only a fit of delight, and nothing more. So first of all, you must try as quickly as possible to develop to elite units, and then victory is not far off, you can be sure.

Clash of Kings is not inferior to the best computer counterparts, here you will even be able to play against a real opponent, and as you should understand, it is especially valuable, because live opponents are much more interesting than artificial intelligence, because a live opponent is always able to act unpredictably and without templates, which unfortunately the computer is not able to do so often.

Game Features:

  • Excellent graphics, the world is well-designed, very colorful and beautiful, look at it one solid pleasure;
  • Interesting gameplay, it is extremely good with variety, so the longer you play, the more interesting you will be able to see;
  • Easy operation, everything is just fine was created specifically for the touch screen, do not even doubt, some significant difficulties, the game you have in any case should not cause;
  • Excellent optimization, runs equally well on both old and modern devices, where it will then work fully, without causing you any special problems in the process.
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