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Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway
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    Android 2.3
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Zombie Highway - an interesting game dedicated to the theme of zombies, even if there are a lot of such good in our time, the game successfully stands out even against the background of competitors. First of all, it is understood that here you will have to wait for the race in the world of the zombie Apocalypse.

You can say that the game combines several genres at the same time, here you and dashing races, and collisions with zombies, and that is very interesting, numerous shootouts. The gameplay is also quite simple, you have to win in the race, overcoming a difficult route, and in the process fending off hordes of zombies that will try their best to make it difficult for you to travel.

The picture in the game turned out to be somewhat weak, but as for the mobile app, you can say that everything is close enough to the ideal. But the soundtrack turned out to be extremely cheerful and aggressive, so it fully corresponds to such a game, it's a real pleasure to rush forward under it. In addition, Zombie Highway turned out to be quite easy, and completely undemanding, which as you should understand, means only one thing, you are sure to be able to run the game on most smartphones, even if you have an old device, you can be sure that the game will go fully.

In addition, the game is frankly good in terms of diversity, here the developers have clearly tried, so that each subsequent level, will please you with some new features. So it will not be boring in any case, the longer you play, the more all sorts of interesting things will get in your way. Moreover, as befits, most of the really interesting moments will be waiting for you at the very end of the game, presenting pleasant surprises at a time when you will think that there is nothing interesting, you will not be able to see, this will also regularly cause warm feelings. The creators have done a very good job here.

Game Features:

  • Excellent optimization, the app turned out to be not capricious, so you will most likely be able to confidently run it even on older devices;
  • Beautiful graphics, the picture here can only cause a solid delight, look at it in any case, it's nice to play in a similar environment, especially;
  • Undemanding, unlike most competitors, the game works well without bugs and glitches on most devices;
  • Convenient operation, you can use just one finger, in order to quickly destroy all the zombies in its path;
  • Interesting gameplay, get bored like this game, you will not be able to make, nothing boring here and not close.
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