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Garena Free Fire
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    Android 4.0.3
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Garena Free Fire – a new shooter made in the style of survival. For analogues, he took many of these games, so that is able to please with their capabilities. The game turned out to be both dynamic and non-standard, so it will not disappoint you.

The Story

download Free Fire-Battlegrounds for Android you will see that the story turned out to be somewhat unusual, in the story several people were rescued from the plane and try to survive on a desert island. Your main goal is to defeat all opponents and remain the only character on the level. Each battle is delayed for 10 minutes, during which time you must successfully eliminate all the enemies pressing on you.


You can play not only alone, but also to assemble a team of four people, with which to deal with the enemies that stand in your way, it is much easier. For safe communication with your allies, you can use internal communication, which will protect you from listening to enemies. Starting to play, you must first grab a convenient position for yourself, as well as find a weapon that will allow you to effectively resist the enemy. The world is really well drawn, the graphics are literally at a height, it is well-designed, so what you see is only a stable delight. And the wild world of the island, and the weapons and characters that will confront you, please very much. In addition, it is worth emphasizing the variety of weapons, you in most cases do not have to rush to the first instance that comes along, you can almost always find something more effective that will allow you to confidently win over the enemy. First of all, try to get the most powerful weapons that will make you stronger. Also, there is a fairly realistic picture of the battle, sometimes just one hit is enough for you to lose, so do not try to attack the enemy head-on, on the contrary, as much as possible use the shelters, which are quite a lot, being in them, you can quite effectively shoot back.

Garena Free Fire game Features

It is quite interesting to implement the search for useful items on the map, you can find a lot of useful items that will help you more effectively defeat your opponents. The world is completely open and large enough, as a rule, the locations are so huge that it will not be easy to search them for a certain period of time. It is also worth emphasizing the extremely convenient control, which seems to have been created specifically for mobile games, moreover, it is also flexibly configured, so that you can adjust the control for literally any type of smartphone.
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