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Strategies are now loved by many, initially they gained popularity on computers, but with the development of mobile devices, they successfully migrated there. Many people are looking for new successful strategies that can hit the imagination with their capabilities, and often need to admit that they do. Let really good and just successful strategies, not so much, but their names are always on the ear, and people always listen to positive reviews. Here before you is another such development, the game turned out to be really bright, so it can interest any active player.

The gameplay, on the one hand, is quite simple, but at the same time, we must admit, frankly interesting, your goal will be to win over a real player. You will need to regularly reflect his attacks, as well as try to destroy the enemy before it eliminates you. Of course, the game will require fast mobile Internet, if you have some problems with this, you may want to play something else.

To win, you can use a huge number of different types of troops, at the moment, there are four dozen. Each unit has its own unique features and characteristics, so when collecting an army, do not forget to combine various types of troops, because only in this way, you can be sure of victory. Where one type of fighter can't cope, some other type will win. You will also have access to heroes who also have a variety of, and sometimes frankly interesting abilities that may well be suitable for you to win.

Defeating opponents, you will get a variety of useful bonuses that will be useful to you in the next battle. After all, you will agree that it is nice to have a decisive advantage for the destruction of rivals. For example, you can get maps that allow you to summon additional troops at the most crucial moment.

Castle Crush, if possible, for the sake of an interesting pumping system, you can, for example, spend your own resources on improving characters, after such a modification, they will become much stronger, and will be more confident to win over the enemy. If you are interested in all of the above, then feel free to download the game, and you can be sure that it will not disappoint you.
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