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Cover Fire: free shooting games

Cover Fire: free shooting games
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The shooter is not just a shooter. A real shooter should possess a number of qualities: it needs to be interesting, to have easy control without a lot of unnecessary buttons, and, of course, have excellent graphics and animation. We present to your attention a real shooter that has it all. This game was developed by Genera Games team, as it's called Cover Fire.

It's a great shooter, in which the main character is a special forces soldier storming the enemy base. You will need to hide behind cover, aim at the enemy and rescue the hostages. All management in this game consists of turn of the sight and the shooting itself, all the movement in the scene it will be done independently. Because of this you are not distracted from the pleasant in any shooter, but is shooting the enemy.

The whole company of the game is divided into chapters. Each of them consists of relatively short tasks, where each successive is a continuation of the previous one. In each task you need to accomplish 3 missions. By doing this, you get 3 stars and one extra for the perfect solution. Also after setting you can select a certain number of gifts.

Game Features:

  • Excellent gameplay;
  • The perfect portrayal and beautiful animations of the murders;
  • Performance for demanding device.

Cover Fire is a shooter to the core, which you don't need to waste time on unnecessary actions, and you have to kill enemies.
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